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This week was good with ups and downs, but good. We had intercambios and I went to a port city called Eten.

We went there for pday today. It’s super cute and kinda has a french, south, Peru mash up look as far as the city goes. It’s cool. We also made pancakes with some members!

DSCN6815 DSCN6817

Ester is progressing great. She really needs to solidify her testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restoration though. She gets that the church is good and likes the principles of the gospel, but she needs to be sure of the foundation. A lot of members struggle with that here and then go inactive. They like the missionaries but then don’t have a testimony of the doctrine, so its hard for them to stick with it. She is great and I think will really be a good endure to the end member.

Lots of things to learn everyday. Its a little overwhelming but possible.

Hermana Lofgran


Heart of Gold

This week has been good.

We went to Cayalte today for our p-day. it was pretty sweet. Its in the middle of no- where but is a cute little town. They had this old church their that was built in 1590 (I think) and a really cool wood hanging bridge over the river. It was beautiful! My camera sadly died otherwise I would show you the greatness.



I talked to Italian guy here in Reque. Dad would of just talked up a storm with him. I know it. It was pretty cool. He lives in Milan but his esposa is from Reque ( we contacted her in the street).

But the best news is… someone finally came to church! Wait, wait…. 3 people came to church! Seriously a miracle. The one progressing though is Ester. She is the owner of our apartment and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Really, I don’t know how I can explain her. She has a heart of gold. We started teaching her and she is so diligent in anything we leave for her. We caught her yesterday as we walked by her window, just looking at the picture of Christ in the front of the Book of Mormon. She really applies the gospel in her life. (something I’ve come to appreciate even more in the super chill environment of Peru). She also owns a little store and gives us candy every once in a while. Seriously this lady can’t get any nicer.

Stay tuned…
Hermana Lofgran

Christmas in July


hey hey!

I got the package! best day ever! Muchos muchos gracias. ustedes la maximo! it was such a great day. im going to make pb and j sandwiches for lunch today. tell Aubree thanks so much. ill try and send her a letter this week but ill have to send it to the house address. and ill save those other resses for that elder. seriously though. im good for the rest of the mish i think. it was so great, i really appriciate it!
the 4th of july!

so i had been telling myself i would make smores on the 4th to celebrate. but we never ended up doing it and i was kinda bummed. but when we walked back to the apt. that night passing by the plaza some gringos were setting off these huge fireworks. it was so cool. made the day. so even in peru i got a piece of the 4th.

this week was somewhat uneventful? but good. maybe its just that i cant remember the details of the week. we taught lessons and had some good progress but it all comes in small steps. we had a random investigator come to church this week. seriously a miracle! the work is good though. we also got to meet (offically) the new president and his wife. they are so amazing. and they give me a new push to be excited about the work. they focus a lot on having really converted missionaries and really want us to use our study time to the max. so im excited to see the new changes in the coming months.

we also taught his lady named carol this week. shes a really good investigator and we ahve been teaching her gfor a while. She really studies whatever we leave for her and this week we had a really good lesson on the plan of salvatiopn and the spirit world. we are going to teach her more about it today.we really studied for her today to answer all her questions. she wants to know the truth and is willing to look for it. she is a principal of one of the schools here so she at first comes off a little cold but is in reality so pure. and she is just a down to earth good person. im hoping we can get her to church with her husband as well.

thats all really. the pictures are some random ones. we found dejavu (thats how you spell it right?) scented airfreshner here. that would never sell in the states…ha. one is of me in the plaza i know my eyes are closed but just look at the cool plaza behind. beautiful huh?! and… i cant remember the rest.

sorry for my terrible typos. i think my ability to write correctly grammatically and spelling wise have really plumeted . so well have to play a lot of turbo scrabble when i get home.

love ya all!

hermana Lofgran


DSCN6746 DSCN6778 DSCN6761



This week was good. And peru is starting to grow on me. Im still not used to how much rice they eat but i know that that whole when people say just get to week 6 and youll survive- man so true. sooo…. the news

we moved! so. so. great. man such a blessing. we also get hot water today. im prettttttty excited!

also the ward is great. the members have been really great at helping us. they have a slight preference to the sisters. im not sure why (proabably how becuase of how cool sis. noryton is) but in general also just really like the missionaries. so we have gotten a lot of good referneces and people to accomapny us. so to answer dads question our ward meets in a capilla really close, its in Reque central which is my area and 2 surrounding areas attend the ward as well. we technically ahve enough members to have 3 wards but their are so many inactives only we only have 1. we ahve been trying to teach families and had a few potentials to progress. one rihgt now is a mother and older daughter and the family of the lady we taught the restoration to the really cool experience (remeber that) but still people wont come to church! all is well though, i know that will be a rough point for me to accept but its one con to many pros of having people who are really willing to listen to you.

this week we and intercambios becuase my comp is sister training leader. so Hna. Ynga came to reque with me. it was so cool. she is amazing. i learned so much from her. she is amazingly humble, she basicly went out on her mission un supported. really a good missionary. i also got to learn a lot more spanish and she learned a little english.

I taught english class that day by my self. i actually worked out ok. everyone loved looking through my family photos (the topic was the family)

today also really big news! we meet the new president. President williams and his wife. in Totus (like target). they are so awesome.they are from… wyhoming? (wait what… how do you spell it?) im already so excited to have them here. He is pretty funny and actually reminded me a bit of dad. haha. sister willaims you can tell is stil really lost and a bit overwhelemed about peru. i feel for her. we got to help her out a bit and she is so sweet. you can tell she just wans to be that super great mission presidents wife and make chcoolate chip cookies for us. but was worried becuase her oven is in celsius and the butter is in grams. she is going to be so great though!

the work has been good and im trying really hard to change those frustrations and worries i have. i have felt so much support from my heavely father. its always difficult but with the saviors example and a lot of prayer and practice i know its possible. i wish i could tell you all the times this week in which the hand of the lord has been seen in the work. its so amazing. on sunday i gt the rare oppertunity to sis in bed for 20 in and jsut read my scriptures. whatever i wanted. man it was so so great. you dont realize how much you miss it until you cant have it right. the scriptures are amazing though. they answer so any of lifes questions. so plainly too. we see the hand of teh lord and rcognize his blessing so muc more whe we ready teh scriptures. never forget how important they are. i know the book of mormon can help us. just try it read it. there is no way to know unless you do.

i wish i could write more but as always no time.

i love ya all, have a great week!

hermana lofgran

Growing in Faith

This week, well the past 5 weeks, have been a big growing point. I have been thinking about it and it really comes down to faith. how much faith do i have that i can change? that others can change? that results will come? that people will perserver to the end? so many different things. the mission requires a lot. a lot of personal change and its hard to o. sometimes i try an ask god for way t chnge with out the trial. to be more loving to have more faith. but with out the test of faith or having oppertunities when my kinedness is tried. or what ever it is. im trying to learn to be greatful for my trials. becuse really they are not even that bad. i am the noly one holding myself back from progressing an being better. so thats my little thought for the week. remeber that through the atonement of Christ we cn change. even the little things. those litle attributes are often what brings us that little bit closer to christ.

so this week was really good. always with crazy ups and downs but in general good.

we taught a really cool lesson this past week. we have been trying to use he scriptures better in our lessons. and in this lesson we really did. we explained the restoration and pulled refferenes from the bible nd teh book of mormon to answer all her questions. she was able to understand an by the end of the lesson wantd to know more. we knelt in prayer with her and she said such sincer prayer. after she told us how she felt the spirit in the lesson and that she knows it is true.
it was so great! its amaing how the scriptures answer the questions of the soul. stef emailed me this week some great insights about scripture study. the scriptures are such a blessing and help us see with a gospel many ways they help us and uplift us.

i never have enough time…. ahhh. well im doing good. peru is good. Reque is growing ever so slowly but still growing. the gospel is such a blessing when we really apply it in our lives.
im sorry i dont have time to email. but send adresses and i can write more.

have good week

hermana lofgran

Week 3

This week has been so much better. I’m starting to get into the swing of things and although last weeks emails were great and also little rough I really liked hearing from you all. I also got my first letter in the mail from Sister Rowley. She is so great! and so funny to hear from. She writes like she is 30. I love it.

This week was busy. We have made a goal of 65 contacts this past week and ended up getting 64. I feel like we talk to everyone we meet, and it’s great. Eventually, maybe all of Reque will know who we are and maybe, just maybe, someone out of all of those will come to church. We started english classes (one of my favorite times of week!) and they have been really successful. Another elder is going to start teaching Kechwa (I honestly have no clue how to spell it, buts it’s the local or old language?) We are teaching this middle aged lady and her daughter and she seems really open as well as a family in the outskirts near the fields. We don’t go out there a lot since we can only go there before 6pm but there are lot of people to teach. We are also meeting a lot of menos activos during the week, and we are trying to get them to church. We had one who we did service helping them while their roof was being built. She said she would come Sunday but bailed. We’ll still keep at it though. Their family is so great though,and I think she is just scared to come back. We also do noche missional, which the members really like. We played a game and tied it to the whisperings of the spirit. We started super late (puncuality is also super hard for members here) but everyone wanted to keep playing. So I think more will come next week. Lots of other stuff went on and I’m sorry if some of it is a repeat of last time. I feel like the grow is super gradual but is progressing. The members are so great and really like the missionaries here.
They feed us so much its crazy!  Huge, huge plates of food and I have to eat so fast and I still am the last one. The food is good though, and the members are starting to realize the hermanas can’t eat as much as elders can. ha.
Over all. It was a good week. We still haven’t moved but I’ve decided to be okay with that. And that I’ll just sing frozen songs in the shower to be happy.
 I ran after  a lady yesterday to give her a tarjeta and she looked and me and I was white and tall and and I spoke broken spanish. And she was a little caught of guard. But if that helps her to remember to go to church on Sunday I’ll do it. My companion says to use my ignorance to my advantage. I’m good at that part so far.
Although I dont feel very useful yet I know that what I do try to say and want to say to be true. I’m really happy to be sharing the gospel. It makes the hard parts worth it because I know that it will better these peoples lives. Almost anyone will listen here but the hard part is getting the people to act. They want an easy way to salvation, but dont realize there is no easy way. It takes work and sacrifice but its so so worth it!
Ah so much more I wish I could write, but no time.
Have a great week.
Hermana Lofgran

Chiclayo Arrival


I’m here! I left tuesday at like 3 in the morning, and took a 1 hour flight to Chiclayo at 6. All the hermanas in my district came too, so that was really nice. The Chilcayo airport is really just a room with a conveyor belt. I was surprised since the plane was pretty big. The elders and President and Sister Risso met us there and we went to go eat breakfast with them. It’s was super yummy. Then we went to the transfer meeting. We introduced ourselves and got some training and eventually got our new companions. Mine is Hermana Norton, she is from Ohio, and has been out 13 months so she speaks really well. She has trained a lot but I’m her first american companion she has had to train. She is really the best though everyone told me how lucky I was that I got her as my trainer and I really think it’s true even of the 5 days I’ve been in the field. We got assigned to a town called  Reque about 20 min. outside of Chiclayo. It’s kind of tiny, but the people are realllllly nice. And that’s been a really big blessing. We are opening the area and since my companion has never done that and I’m new, its a learning experience. They haven’t had sisters in the area for years but we share it now with 2 sets of elders. The elders showed us around, and we just got the ward list. It’s mostly reactivation. So many people are menos activos. It’s crazy. So so many. Half the time when we meet people on the street they are like “oh yeah I’m a member! but I haven been in months or years”. The members that are active are pretty strong. We always have members willing to go with us. Everyday we have 1 if not 2 or 3 go on visits with us. That’s a big blessing since we are stilling trying to learn the area and will be for a bit.

Our apartment is pretty terrible. Well that’s putting it pretty lightly. It’s reallllllly bad. The bathroom is no joke exacly like the ones you see on hoarders or worse. I shouldn’t complain though, the elders have been looking reallly hard to find us a new one. And I have faith that we will soon.
This first week has been really hard. I want to love it so much but I know it will take some time. And this week me and my companion both had the perfect storm of trails. But we are both convinced that it’s because Satan doesn’t want the work to go on here. He wants us to be discouraged, because Reque has such great potential. The people are so so loving. It will get better. I am doing the Lords work and if I’m trying my best my language will improve. The people will open their hearts and this work will progress. I know there is a silver lining. There always is. Wish I could write more but never enough time.

love a lots!

and I love the letters, I’m really sorry I dont have time to respond to them.

Hermana Lofgran

Seeing Family + More


So this week was prettttty great. I got to talk to you guys (mom, dad, and trev at least) it was so great to see ya. Sorry it was so short and we didn’t talk too much but it really was just so so awesome to see someone back home, and mom on mothers day!
This week I have been trying to study really hard. I leave for the field in exactly 7 days! So scary, but I’m also really excited to go out and apply what I’ve been learning. Wish me luck!

This week was much more of a roller coaster, but I definitely felt the help of my Heavenly Father through everything. Our teacher wrote Mosiah 4:27 on the board for us one day and that came at a good time. And Hermana McGinnis shared Alma 7:23 which has become one of my favorites.

We try to speak only spanish in the classroom now, and that can be frustrating just because sometimes you don’t have the time to work through [the things] to say. Those days are really quiet and we dont have as much fun or learn because we just dont talk. I have been working on verbs and reviewing vocab so the days are a lot better now.
We got to listen to an awesome devo by Brother Holland this week, it made me really excited for the field, and our treat this week along with emailing our families was to watch Legacy.
There is just a lot of little things that go on everyday that I love, but dont seem worth writing. The joys of being here always out weigh the worries and the trials.

I love it here, its great. we got to go to the temple. Ya know good stuff, but pretty much the typical prep, day schedule, and week. (the hermana in the temple picture is hermana Waite she is part of our cincoship and she is soooo funny)

DSCN0784 DSCN0780 DSCN0787

I hope everyone is doing great back home. I love your letters,  and I’ll try and reply to as many as I can as soon as possible. Thanks for writing me!

have a great week!

-Hermana Lofgran

Week Numero Uno

Hey I’m alive and well here.  I LOVE IT HERE! like soo soo much. I’m going to try and fit everything in, but I only have exactly one hour and the keyboard is a little funky, so just stay with me.
There is sooooooo much I want to tell you about. I’ll try to go in order. So we got here super early in the morning, but it all worked out well. The next day they intrigrated everything for us so it wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be. (I think the cmm is proabably more chill then Provo or other places, time is a pretty loose concept so you don’t feel too stressed. It’s nice and they give us plenty of time to do everything). We started spanish classes on Thursday I think and just jumped right into it. I know how to pray, kinda testify and make a little bit of conversation. It’s frustrating sometimes, but I’m actually handling it much better then I thought I would. I’m not the best in my class, and there are a lot of others who speak wayyyyyy better, but I try and I’m still working on it. Our district is so so so cool. Just awesome. Really. We all get along so well and everyone is super helpful to each other. It’s made up of 2 companionships of sisters (one of which is me) a trio of sisters and a companionship of elders. We also hang out with another district a lot (most we met on the plane ride from atlanta.)  My campionera is so great! She is super funny and is way chill so she helps me not to worry. She is a super picky eater which I think is kinda funny, the girl doesn’t even like fruit! But she is a good sport and tries everything. The food is super good here. Rice everyday, but for now I’m okay with that. We get dessert every lunch and dinner. How cool is that?! So crazy stuff has happened already. Like just yesterday we had to go to immigration, but for some reason (like for time slots) I got seperated from my campanion and went with 2 other hermanas. They just dropped us off on the curb with no instructions. It was frustratiing that we couldn’t get into the building because we had no clue what we were even there for, (visa or peru id or pictures, we had heard so many different things) but we said a prayer and like 10 min. later our guide found  us and everything worked out. We even met some members randomly on the other levels and they helped us so much. It was so crazy and so cool to see how our prayers were answered.  I love it!
We start teaching our investigators this week, in spanish. I’m excited and scared, but it will be good. My companera (sister blackburn, shes from utah and is so short) is super patient to help me with my spanish. Sometimes its hard to focus but we eventually get back on track and keep practicing. Yesterday my spanish teachers (who are so great) made me recite the objectivo in spanish for like 30 min. and he was super super picky about all the pronunciations. And it was frustrating, but it in turn helped me a lot. And when we went to the lima temple today and I had to say everything in spanish, because I worked on the pronounciations it helped me  get through it a little better and I remembered a lot of what I had been working on and could apply it. Going to the temple today was so cool. its so beautiful! i got a quick look of the sealing room, it is so. beautiful. It was amazing.
I’m trying to remember everything that happened and now that I’m sitting here it is super hard. I’m learning so much though I just love it. Its always sunny and beautiful and warm ah! its soo so great. I know that I’m supposed to be here, and I’m so excited to teach the people. This coming Saturday we get to go out and actually proselyt. Probably as a slip with the latins or advanced group. That will be a good learning experience I think.
I hope your having fun on vacation. I loved the picture you sent. I want more! I’ll try to send you pictures next week. I have to figure it all out.
Oh by the way though, I will tell you my one sad point, its not all that sad though.  So everyone, seriously every other hermana brought 2 checked bags with them. Ya i could of brought 2! and I talked with all these other hermanas who are going to chiclayo and also a man yesterday at immigration who lived in chiclao for 7 years about the weather. And it never rains. Ever. If so its a sprinkle. And it never gets cold where they send the sisters and where most of the people in chiclayo live. So I definitely won’t get to wear my super awesome rain coat or down jacket or fleece. Or the gloves. Ya kinda a bummer. I’m kinda sick of my clothes already. It’s nice that they all go together, but eventually I end up wearing the same skirts shirts in a week. So let Aubree know I kinda have a long list. I’m so excited she is coming down though! I can’t wait to see her and chat in spanish!
I had to buy scriptures in spanish so there will be a charge on my account. and I bought some stuff at the store today too.
I want to hear all about what you are  doing in cancun. I promise I won’t be jealous. I talk about you guys all the time and how cool you are. Another hermana is from Rexburg and she has 5 older brothers. We were talking yesterday about how it’s the best way to grow up (with older brothers) and I told her all about how great the boys are. Thanks dad for writing me so I had something to look at when I got on. I love you guys soooo much and hope that you are having so much fun.
I’ll talk to you more next week! love ya
Hermana Lofgran
can you send me the emails of- Darcy, Nicole, Lilly, Vivian, Anders, Alex, Stef, Trev, Aubree, Kathryn and….I’ll think of some more next week.



When I got my mission call I thought for sure I would be sent to someplace with a ton of old people in the middle of nowhere Nebraska and definitely speaking english. And I would be perfectly peachy with that. Not that it would be any easier then any other mission, but for me, certainly more in my comfort zone. But no, I was called to third-world, totally out of element, Peru.

But, after 4 long months of waiting I have become sooooooo excited to serve there. And through a lot of prayer Heavenly Father has calmed many of my worries.  I know that this gospel is true and i’m happy to have the opportunity to share it the people of Peru. I’ll need a ton of help and it will be soooooo hard.  I’ll probably butcher the language with a red face everyday and i’ll definitely have to eat some weird stuff (i’ll send pictures!) but for people to know the gospel or even to understand that they have a Heavenly father who loves them, It will be worth it.

ya, i know its backwards

ya, I know its backwards

If you want to make it a little easier on me while i’m down there, write me! (just tell me whats going on)  And feel free to pray for me. a lot.