no time! ever… i need to come up with a new title


This week was good with ups and downs, but good. We had intercambios and I went to a port city called Eten.

We went there for pday today. It’s super cute and kinda has a french, south, Peru mash up look as far as the city goes. It’s cool. We also made pancakes with some members!

DSCN6815 DSCN6817

Ester is progressing great. She really needs to solidify her testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restoration though. She gets that the church is good and likes the principles of the gospel, but she needs to be sure of the foundation. A lot of members struggle with that here and then go inactive. They like the missionaries but then don’t have a testimony of the doctrine, so its hard for them to stick with it. She is great and I think will really be a good endure to the end member.

Lots of things to learn everyday. Its a little overwhelming but possible.

Hermana Lofgran


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