Heart of Gold

This week has been good.

We went to Cayalte today for our p-day. it was pretty sweet. Its in the middle of no- where but is a cute little town. They had this old church their that was built in 1590 (I think) and a really cool wood hanging bridge over the river. It was beautiful! My camera sadly died otherwise I would show you the greatness.



I talked to Italian guy here in Reque. Dad would of just talked up a storm with him. I know it. It was pretty cool. He lives in Milan but his esposa is from Reque ( we contacted her in the street).

But the best news is… someone finally came to church! Wait, wait…. 3 people came to church! Seriously a miracle. The one progressing though is Ester. She is the owner of our apartment and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Really, I don’t know how I can explain her. She has a heart of gold. We started teaching her and she is so diligent in anything we leave for her. We caught her yesterday as we walked by her window, just looking at the picture of Christ in the front of the Book of Mormon. She really applies the gospel in her life. (something I’ve come to appreciate even more in the super chill environment of Peru). She also owns a little store and gives us candy every once in a while. Seriously this lady can’t get any nicer.

Stay tuned…
Hermana Lofgran


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