Christmas in July


hey hey!

I got the package! best day ever! Muchos muchos gracias. ustedes la maximo! it was such a great day. im going to make pb and j sandwiches for lunch today. tell Aubree thanks so much. ill try and send her a letter this week but ill have to send it to the house address. and ill save those other resses for that elder. seriously though. im good for the rest of the mish i think. it was so great, i really appriciate it!
the 4th of july!

so i had been telling myself i would make smores on the 4th to celebrate. but we never ended up doing it and i was kinda bummed. but when we walked back to the apt. that night passing by the plaza some gringos were setting off these huge fireworks. it was so cool. made the day. so even in peru i got a piece of the 4th.

this week was somewhat uneventful? but good. maybe its just that i cant remember the details of the week. we taught lessons and had some good progress but it all comes in small steps. we had a random investigator come to church this week. seriously a miracle! the work is good though. we also got to meet (offically) the new president and his wife. they are so amazing. and they give me a new push to be excited about the work. they focus a lot on having really converted missionaries and really want us to use our study time to the max. so im excited to see the new changes in the coming months.

we also taught his lady named carol this week. shes a really good investigator and we ahve been teaching her gfor a while. She really studies whatever we leave for her and this week we had a really good lesson on the plan of salvatiopn and the spirit world. we are going to teach her more about it today.we really studied for her today to answer all her questions. she wants to know the truth and is willing to look for it. she is a principal of one of the schools here so she at first comes off a little cold but is in reality so pure. and she is just a down to earth good person. im hoping we can get her to church with her husband as well.

thats all really. the pictures are some random ones. we found dejavu (thats how you spell it right?) scented airfreshner here. that would never sell in the states…ha. one is of me in the plaza i know my eyes are closed but just look at the cool plaza behind. beautiful huh?! and… i cant remember the rest.

sorry for my terrible typos. i think my ability to write correctly grammatically and spelling wise have really plumeted . so well have to play a lot of turbo scrabble when i get home.

love ya all!

hermana Lofgran


DSCN6746 DSCN6778 DSCN6761


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