This week was good. And peru is starting to grow on me. Im still not used to how much rice they eat but i know that that whole when people say just get to week 6 and youll survive- man so true. sooo…. the news

we moved! so. so. great. man such a blessing. we also get hot water today. im prettttttty excited!

also the ward is great. the members have been really great at helping us. they have a slight preference to the sisters. im not sure why (proabably how becuase of how cool sis. noryton is) but in general also just really like the missionaries. so we have gotten a lot of good referneces and people to accomapny us. so to answer dads question our ward meets in a capilla really close, its in Reque central which is my area and 2 surrounding areas attend the ward as well. we technically ahve enough members to have 3 wards but their are so many inactives only we only have 1. we ahve been trying to teach families and had a few potentials to progress. one rihgt now is a mother and older daughter and the family of the lady we taught the restoration to the really cool experience (remeber that) but still people wont come to church! all is well though, i know that will be a rough point for me to accept but its one con to many pros of having people who are really willing to listen to you.

this week we and intercambios becuase my comp is sister training leader. so Hna. Ynga came to reque with me. it was so cool. she is amazing. i learned so much from her. she is amazingly humble, she basicly went out on her mission un supported. really a good missionary. i also got to learn a lot more spanish and she learned a little english.

I taught english class that day by my self. i actually worked out ok. everyone loved looking through my family photos (the topic was the family)

today also really big news! we meet the new president. President williams and his wife. in Totus (like target). they are so awesome.they are from… wyhoming? (wait what… how do you spell it?) im already so excited to have them here. He is pretty funny and actually reminded me a bit of dad. haha. sister willaims you can tell is stil really lost and a bit overwhelemed about peru. i feel for her. we got to help her out a bit and she is so sweet. you can tell she just wans to be that super great mission presidents wife and make chcoolate chip cookies for us. but was worried becuase her oven is in celsius and the butter is in grams. she is going to be so great though!

the work has been good and im trying really hard to change those frustrations and worries i have. i have felt so much support from my heavely father. its always difficult but with the saviors example and a lot of prayer and practice i know its possible. i wish i could tell you all the times this week in which the hand of the lord has been seen in the work. its so amazing. on sunday i gt the rare oppertunity to sis in bed for 20 in and jsut read my scriptures. whatever i wanted. man it was so so great. you dont realize how much you miss it until you cant have it right. the scriptures are amazing though. they answer so any of lifes questions. so plainly too. we see the hand of teh lord and rcognize his blessing so muc more whe we ready teh scriptures. never forget how important they are. i know the book of mormon can help us. just try it read it. there is no way to know unless you do.

i wish i could write more but as always no time.

i love ya all, have a great week!

hermana lofgran


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