Growing in Faith

This week, well the past 5 weeks, have been a big growing point. I have been thinking about it and it really comes down to faith. how much faith do i have that i can change? that others can change? that results will come? that people will perserver to the end? so many different things. the mission requires a lot. a lot of personal change and its hard to o. sometimes i try an ask god for way t chnge with out the trial. to be more loving to have more faith. but with out the test of faith or having oppertunities when my kinedness is tried. or what ever it is. im trying to learn to be greatful for my trials. becuse really they are not even that bad. i am the noly one holding myself back from progressing an being better. so thats my little thought for the week. remeber that through the atonement of Christ we cn change. even the little things. those litle attributes are often what brings us that little bit closer to christ.

so this week was really good. always with crazy ups and downs but in general good.

we taught a really cool lesson this past week. we have been trying to use he scriptures better in our lessons. and in this lesson we really did. we explained the restoration and pulled refferenes from the bible nd teh book of mormon to answer all her questions. she was able to understand an by the end of the lesson wantd to know more. we knelt in prayer with her and she said such sincer prayer. after she told us how she felt the spirit in the lesson and that she knows it is true.
it was so great! its amaing how the scriptures answer the questions of the soul. stef emailed me this week some great insights about scripture study. the scriptures are such a blessing and help us see with a gospel many ways they help us and uplift us.

i never have enough time…. ahhh. well im doing good. peru is good. Reque is growing ever so slowly but still growing. the gospel is such a blessing when we really apply it in our lives.
im sorry i dont have time to email. but send adresses and i can write more.

have good week

hermana lofgran


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