Week 3

This week has been so much better. I’m starting to get into the swing of things and although last weeks emails were great and also little rough I really liked hearing from you all. I also got my first letter in the mail from Sister Rowley. She is so great! and so funny to hear from. She writes like she is 30. I love it.

This week was busy. We have made a goal of 65 contacts this past week and ended up getting 64. I feel like we talk to everyone we meet, and it’s great. Eventually, maybe all of Reque will know who we are and maybe, just maybe, someone out of all of those will come to church. We started english classes (one of my favorite times of week!) and they have been really successful. Another elder is going to start teaching Kechwa (I honestly have no clue how to spell it, buts it’s the local or old language?) We are teaching this middle aged lady and her daughter and she seems really open as well as a family in the outskirts near the fields. We don’t go out there a lot since we can only go there before 6pm but there are lot of people to teach. We are also meeting a lot of menos activos during the week, and we are trying to get them to church. We had one who we did service helping them while their roof was being built. She said she would come Sunday but bailed. We’ll still keep at it though. Their family is so great though,and I think she is just scared to come back. We also do noche missional, which the members really like. We played a game and tied it to the whisperings of the spirit. We started super late (puncuality is also super hard for members here) but everyone wanted to keep playing. So I think more will come next week. Lots of other stuff went on and I’m sorry if some of it is a repeat of last time. I feel like the grow is super gradual but is progressing. The members are so great and really like the missionaries here.
They feed us so much its crazy!  Huge, huge plates of food and I have to eat so fast and I still am the last one. The food is good though, and the members are starting to realize the hermanas can’t eat as much as elders can. ha.
Over all. It was a good week. We still haven’t moved but I’ve decided to be okay with that. And that I’ll just sing frozen songs in the shower to be happy.
 I ran after  a lady yesterday to give her a tarjeta and she looked and me and I was white and tall and and I spoke broken spanish. And she was a little caught of guard. But if that helps her to remember to go to church on Sunday I’ll do it. My companion says to use my ignorance to my advantage. I’m good at that part so far.
Although I dont feel very useful yet I know that what I do try to say and want to say to be true. I’m really happy to be sharing the gospel. It makes the hard parts worth it because I know that it will better these peoples lives. Almost anyone will listen here but the hard part is getting the people to act. They want an easy way to salvation, but dont realize there is no easy way. It takes work and sacrifice but its so so worth it!
Ah so much more I wish I could write, but no time.
Have a great week.
Hermana Lofgran

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