Chiclayo Arrival


I’m here! I left tuesday at like 3 in the morning, and took a 1 hour flight to Chiclayo at 6. All the hermanas in my district came too, so that was really nice. The Chilcayo airport is really just a room with a conveyor belt. I was surprised since the plane was pretty big. The elders and President and Sister Risso met us there and we went to go eat breakfast with them. It’s was super yummy. Then we went to the transfer meeting. We introduced ourselves and got some training and eventually got our new companions. Mine is Hermana Norton, she is from Ohio, and has been out 13 months so she speaks really well. She has trained a lot but I’m her first american companion she has had to train. She is really the best though everyone told me how lucky I was that I got her as my trainer and I really think it’s true even of the 5 days I’ve been in the field. We got assigned to a town called  Reque about 20 min. outside of Chiclayo. It’s kind of tiny, but the people are realllllly nice. And that’s been a really big blessing. We are opening the area and since my companion has never done that and I’m new, its a learning experience. They haven’t had sisters in the area for years but we share it now with 2 sets of elders. The elders showed us around, and we just got the ward list. It’s mostly reactivation. So many people are menos activos. It’s crazy. So so many. Half the time when we meet people on the street they are like “oh yeah I’m a member! but I haven been in months or years”. The members that are active are pretty strong. We always have members willing to go with us. Everyday we have 1 if not 2 or 3 go on visits with us. That’s a big blessing since we are stilling trying to learn the area and will be for a bit.

Our apartment is pretty terrible. Well that’s putting it pretty lightly. It’s reallllllly bad. The bathroom is no joke exacly like the ones you see on hoarders or worse. I shouldn’t complain though, the elders have been looking reallly hard to find us a new one. And I have faith that we will soon.
This first week has been really hard. I want to love it so much but I know it will take some time. And this week me and my companion both had the perfect storm of trails. But we are both convinced that it’s because Satan doesn’t want the work to go on here. He wants us to be discouraged, because Reque has such great potential. The people are so so loving. It will get better. I am doing the Lords work and if I’m trying my best my language will improve. The people will open their hearts and this work will progress. I know there is a silver lining. There always is. Wish I could write more but never enough time.

love a lots!

and I love the letters, I’m really sorry I dont have time to respond to them.

Hermana Lofgran


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