Seeing Family + More


So this week was prettttty great. I got to talk to you guys (mom, dad, and trev at least) it was so great to see ya. Sorry it was so short and we didn’t talk too much but it really was just so so awesome to see someone back home, and mom on mothers day!
This week I have been trying to study really hard. I leave for the field in exactly 7 days! So scary, but I’m also really excited to go out and apply what I’ve been learning. Wish me luck!

This week was much more of a roller coaster, but I definitely felt the help of my Heavenly Father through everything. Our teacher wrote Mosiah 4:27 on the board for us one day and that came at a good time. And Hermana McGinnis shared Alma 7:23 which has become one of my favorites.

We try to speak only spanish in the classroom now, and that can be frustrating just because sometimes you don’t have the time to work through [the things] to say. Those days are really quiet and we dont have as much fun or learn because we just dont talk. I have been working on verbs and reviewing vocab so the days are a lot better now.
We got to listen to an awesome devo by Brother Holland this week, it made me really excited for the field, and our treat this week along with emailing our families was to watch Legacy.
There is just a lot of little things that go on everyday that I love, but dont seem worth writing. The joys of being here always out weigh the worries and the trials.

I love it here, its great. we got to go to the temple. Ya know good stuff, but pretty much the typical prep, day schedule, and week. (the hermana in the temple picture is hermana Waite she is part of our cincoship and she is soooo funny)

DSCN0784 DSCN0780 DSCN0787

I hope everyone is doing great back home. I love your letters,  and I’ll try and reply to as many as I can as soon as possible. Thanks for writing me!

have a great week!

-Hermana Lofgran


One thought on “Seeing Family + More

  1. I love your spirit!!! There is something so special about your light and the meek sweet way you just ARE. Carry on. You will be blessed for your efforts and strengthened when you need it must. Love you. I’m so so proud of you.

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