Week Numero Uno

Hey I’m alive and well here.  I LOVE IT HERE! like soo soo much. I’m going to try and fit everything in, but I only have exactly one hour and the keyboard is a little funky, so just stay with me.
There is sooooooo much I want to tell you about. I’ll try to go in order. So we got here super early in the morning, but it all worked out well. The next day they intrigrated everything for us so it wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be. (I think the cmm is proabably more chill then Provo or other places, time is a pretty loose concept so you don’t feel too stressed. It’s nice and they give us plenty of time to do everything). We started spanish classes on Thursday I think and just jumped right into it. I know how to pray, kinda testify and make a little bit of conversation. It’s frustrating sometimes, but I’m actually handling it much better then I thought I would. I’m not the best in my class, and there are a lot of others who speak wayyyyyy better, but I try and I’m still working on it. Our district is so so so cool. Just awesome. Really. We all get along so well and everyone is super helpful to each other. It’s made up of 2 companionships of sisters (one of which is me) a trio of sisters and a companionship of elders. We also hang out with another district a lot (most we met on the plane ride from atlanta.)  My campionera is so great! She is super funny and is way chill so she helps me not to worry. She is a super picky eater which I think is kinda funny, the girl doesn’t even like fruit! But she is a good sport and tries everything. The food is super good here. Rice everyday, but for now I’m okay with that. We get dessert every lunch and dinner. How cool is that?! So crazy stuff has happened already. Like just yesterday we had to go to immigration, but for some reason (like for time slots) I got seperated from my campanion and went with 2 other hermanas. They just dropped us off on the curb with no instructions. It was frustratiing that we couldn’t get into the building because we had no clue what we were even there for, (visa or peru id or pictures, we had heard so many different things) but we said a prayer and like 10 min. later our guide found  us and everything worked out. We even met some members randomly on the other levels and they helped us so much. It was so crazy and so cool to see how our prayers were answered.  I love it!
We start teaching our investigators this week, in spanish. I’m excited and scared, but it will be good. My companera (sister blackburn, shes from utah and is so short) is super patient to help me with my spanish. Sometimes its hard to focus but we eventually get back on track and keep practicing. Yesterday my spanish teachers (who are so great) made me recite the objectivo in spanish for like 30 min. and he was super super picky about all the pronunciations. And it was frustrating, but it in turn helped me a lot. And when we went to the lima temple today and I had to say everything in spanish, because I worked on the pronounciations it helped me  get through it a little better and I remembered a lot of what I had been working on and could apply it. Going to the temple today was so cool. its so beautiful! i got a quick look of the sealing room, it is so. beautiful. It was amazing.
I’m trying to remember everything that happened and now that I’m sitting here it is super hard. I’m learning so much though I just love it. Its always sunny and beautiful and warm ah! its soo so great. I know that I’m supposed to be here, and I’m so excited to teach the people. This coming Saturday we get to go out and actually proselyt. Probably as a slip with the latins or advanced group. That will be a good learning experience I think.
I hope your having fun on vacation. I loved the picture you sent. I want more! I’ll try to send you pictures next week. I have to figure it all out.
Oh by the way though, I will tell you my one sad point, its not all that sad though.  So everyone, seriously every other hermana brought 2 checked bags with them. Ya i could of brought 2! and I talked with all these other hermanas who are going to chiclayo and also a man yesterday at immigration who lived in chiclao for 7 years about the weather. And it never rains. Ever. If so its a sprinkle. And it never gets cold where they send the sisters and where most of the people in chiclayo live. So I definitely won’t get to wear my super awesome rain coat or down jacket or fleece. Or the gloves. Ya kinda a bummer. I’m kinda sick of my clothes already. It’s nice that they all go together, but eventually I end up wearing the same skirts shirts in a week. So let Aubree know I kinda have a long list. I’m so excited she is coming down though! I can’t wait to see her and chat in spanish!
I had to buy scriptures in spanish so there will be a charge on my account. and I bought some stuff at the store today too.
I want to hear all about what you are  doing in cancun. I promise I won’t be jealous. I talk about you guys all the time and how cool you are. Another hermana is from Rexburg and she has 5 older brothers. We were talking yesterday about how it’s the best way to grow up (with older brothers) and I told her all about how great the boys are. Thanks dad for writing me so I had something to look at when I got on. I love you guys soooo much and hope that you are having so much fun.
I’ll talk to you more next week! love ya
Hermana Lofgran
can you send me the emails of- Darcy, Nicole, Lilly, Vivian, Anders, Alex, Stef, Trev, Aubree, Kathryn and….I’ll think of some more next week.

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