When I got my mission call I thought for sure I would be sent to someplace with a ton of old people in the middle of nowhere Nebraska and definitely speaking english. And I would be perfectly peachy with that. Not that it would be any easier then any other mission, but for me, certainly more in my comfort zone. But no, I was called to third-world, totally out of element, Peru.

But, after 4 long months of waiting I have become sooooooo excited to serve there. And through a lot of prayer Heavenly Father has calmed many of my worries.  I know that this gospel is true and i’m happy to have the opportunity to share it the people of Peru. I’ll need a ton of help and it will be soooooo hard.  I’ll probably butcher the language with a red face everyday and i’ll definitely have to eat some weird stuff (i’ll send pictures!) but for people to know the gospel or even to understand that they have a Heavenly father who loves them, It will be worth it.

ya, i know its backwards

ya, I know its backwards

If you want to make it a little easier on me while i’m down there, write me! (just tell me whats going on)  And feel free to pray for me. a lot.


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